Paul Tastad

A Belly Full of Laughs

“This book made my mother-in-law laugh so hard she fell off the couch.”

—Saint Paul Carrom King, Amazon customer

More Belly Full of Laughs

“If you have a bad day, read this and you will have a deep, undisturbed sleep. It is truly a great way to relieve stress.”

—Erika R. Forester, Chicago, Illinois

About the Books

A Belly Full of Laughs

A BellyFull of Laughs

Fill your belly with good laughs

Laugh until you drop in this hilarious collection of wordplays. Each page is packed with short, humorous phrases to send laughs right into your belly. This book is a great treat for yourself, your family, and your friends.

A Belly Full of Laughs

More BellyFull of Laughs

Enjoy another serving of all-time laughter.

Help yourself to another scoop of genuine laughs. This book, like the first, is designed to tickle your funny bone with life’s ironies and comical use of language. This is a perfect companion to be with during your free time and even during family gatherings.


About the Author

Paul Tastad

Paul W. Tastad

Paul W. Tastad grew up in a South Dakota farm. He enjoys exercising, reading mystery books, and doing chores with his grandchildren.

He worked in various fields, including school counseling, bookstore management, teaching (he lectured in social studies), and drug counseling at the Houston Public School District.

He and his wife, Brenda, are both retired and live in Houston.


I felt so low I went from singing tenor to singing bass.

We ate at a fairly nice restaurant I asked the waiter if they took reservations and he said no, they leave the Indians alone.

A dry cleaner was robbed the other day, they were cleaned out. Later, they took the manager out, because he was laundering the money.

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A truck driver said most of the problems he had, he either ran over or backed into them.

A fighter before he throws a punch says to the other fighter, “I want you to take this lying down.”

A defense attorney says he gets all the facts and then makes up the best story he can to fit the facts.

Advice from a boat man: “Don’t miss the boat. Know when you need to jump the ship. Whatever you do, don’t go overboard. Don’t rock the boat. Make sure you have both oars in the water. Don’t get tipsy. Don’t go upstream.”

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