Animal Stories of Rescue and Comebacks

True animal stories of recovery and finding a new home

Animal Stories

Those who are not animal lovers at heart mistreat their pets. Good thing there are plenty of people out there who understand that animals have feelings too and that they also deserve love and attention. Here are a few true animal stories of rescue and amazing comebacks.


The Story of Nook Nook

This is one of the most intriguing animal rescue stories. A deaf dogo argentino puppy, Nook Nook, was about to be thrown away by his owners for being unsuitable for breeding or fighting.

In Colorado, the Peanut’s Place Bully Rescue managed to save him from his owners and took care of him for the next six months. One day, a volunteer named Ariel Nichole DeHart saw him and was especially taken by the fact that Nook Nook was deaf. Without hesitations, she adopted him, and he ended up making a great family dog.



At 11 weeks old, he was surrendered to a shelter. He suffered from demodectic mange and, worse, a bacterial infection. He was in terrible shape and was scheduled for euthanasia in 3 days. Danielle Baldwin decided to adopt him and took him to the vet to be treated. Danielle then named him Phoenix.

Animal stories such as these prove that it’s possible to make a difference in an animal’s life. These animal transformation stories also show that it is better to adopt than to buy. Save a life. Meet your new best friend.


Benny the Horse

Benny is one of those cases you might consider a tightrope. He was abandoned in a farm in Maine, and when he was found, he was just skin and bones and was too weak to move.

The Last Stop Horse Rescue took this badly emaciated horse back to their 21-acre farm, where he received daily treatment. After 3 months, he had put on such considerable weight that the vet nearly cried when he saw him.


Houdini and Harry

Harry and Houdini were given by a man as Valentine’s Day gifts to his wife. However, the wife realized that there would be too much work involved in taking care of them. So she left them in a plastic crate for two weeks without any outside contact or a pool to swim in. The living conditions got so filthy that she finally gave them up for adoption. They now enjoy a good life with a PETA member at the Virginia Beach.

It’s unfortunate that some people can’t provide healthy living conditions for their animals, but amazing animal transformation stories such as these show that it’s possible to make a difference in an animal’s life.

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