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Different Methods to Improve Your Focus

Different Methods to Improve Your Focus

Learning different proven methods on how to improve your ability to focus for better concentration

There are plenty of distractions that we come across every day. Learning to concentrate on one task is the key to seeing it through. For some people, their attention span is highly limited, and this gets in the way of completing a task. Fortunately, there are . . .

Different Humor for Different Occasions

Humor for Different Occasions

Human beings are built differently. Over the course of anyone’s development and growth, our different experiences will shape our views. This is why people will laugh at certain things and not at others. They will find different humor in situations. There are many different forms of humor:


  • This form of humor refers to personal stories that can ei . . .
Time to Think Jokes for Different Occupations

Time to Think Jokes for Different Occupations

Using different occupations to find jokes to think about suited to those professions

People spend most of their time at their jobs with colleagues and coworkers. Having a good time at the workplace is one way to enjoy a fulfilling job. There are many jokes to think about that are suited to different occupations. Think jokes for insurance such as the follow . . .

Forget Dirty Jokes, Clean Jokes Are Just as Funny

Forget Dirty Jokes, Clean Jokes Are Just as Funny

Why short funny clean jokes are more appropriate than dirty jokes while being equally entertaining

When you are out having a great time with friends and family, sometimes there’s that one guy who receives most of the attention by having the jokes hurled at him. While the rest of the group is having a blast, the guy on the receiving end is not having as m . . .

Joke Books

Don’t Read Joke Books or Jokes Online—Write Them

Want to create original joke books for adults? Tips to unlock your inner comedic genius

Making adults smile and laugh is no easy task. Yet the essence of comedy is lost on most, even those writing joke books for adults. Reading joke books by others or browsing online jodkes and adding your flair to it usually don’t make your material any better. That’s . . .