Joke Books

Don’t Read Joke Books or Jokes Online—Write Them

Want to create original joke books for adults? Tips to unlock your inner comedic genius

Making adults smile and laugh is no easy task. Yet the essence of comedy is lost on most, even those writing joke books for adults. Reading joke books by others or browsing online jodkes and adding your flair to it usually don’t make your material any better. That’s . . .

Animal Stories

Animal Stories of Rescue and Comebacks

True animal stories of recovery and finding a new home

Those who are not animal lovers at heart mistreat their pets. Good thing there are plenty of people out there who understand that animals have feelings too and that they also deserve love and attention. Here are a few true animal stories of rescue and amazing comebacks.


The Story o . . .

funny events

With a Little Humor, You Can Create Memorable, Funny Events

Top tips to create funny events in college fests

These days, it takes more than just free refreshments to draw a crowd. When planning a college fest, perhaps the biggest challenge is to make the event memorable for a long time to come, especially for young people. True enough, funny events stick in the audience’s minds and leave a longer-lasting impact i . . .


Jokes for All: From 5–90+

How to craft hilarious jokes for all ages: Key secrets revealed

“Creating jokes isn’t my cup of tea” is a well from which many draw their drink, but this isn’t necessarily true. Being good at creating jokes for all occasions doesn’t mean you have to be a comedian. What you need is a better understanding and a bit of practice of the not-so-subtle . . .