Recording Your List of Jokes as They Come

How to create a cheesy list of jokes through recording as the ideas come to you

Sometimes joke ideas will come when you least expect it. A
brilliant idea cannot be predicted. That is why it is importa . . .

Corny Jokes and When to Use Them

Creating humor through random corny jokes and reasons why it’s important to avoid political jokes

Everyone needs a good laugh every once in a whi . . .

When Doing Activities Often, I Think of Different Jokes

When Doing Activities Often, I Think of Different Jokes

Want to feel and make others feel happy instantly? Try different types of jokes

days, the constant drive and effort to attain success has tri . . .

Different Methods to Improve Your Focus

Different Methods to Improve Your Focus

Learning different proven methods on how to improve your ability to focus for better concentration

There are plenty of distractions that we come across every day. Learning to concentrate on one task is the key to seeing it through. For some people, their attention span is highly limited, and this gets in the way of completing a task. Fortunately, there are . . .

Different Humor for Different Occasions

Humor for Different Occasions

Human beings are built differently. Over the course of anyone’s development and growth, our different experiences will shape our views. This is why people will laugh at certain things and not at others. They will find different humor in situations. There are many different forms of humor:


  • This form of humor refers to personal stories that can ei . . .