The Manner of Joking Makes a Difference

Not a joking matter: How delivery
affects people’s reactions

people laugh is no joke. A person’s reaction toward a joke depends on how the
joke is delivered. It is through the way the joke . . .

How to Include Humor to Everyday Conversations

How to Include Humor to Everyday Conversations

Get to Know the Anatomy of Humor

“Hey! Wanna hear a

When you hear it,
you instantly . . .

Practicing Jokes and Stories with People

How do people react to a joke?

you tell me how long cows should be milked? They should be milked the same as short
ones . . .

a joke!

How to create a cheesy list of jokes through recording as the ideas come to you

Sometimes joke ideas will come when you least expect it. A
brilliant idea cannot be predicted. That is why it is importa . . .

Corny Jokes and When to Use Them

Creating humor through random corny jokes and reasons why it’s important to avoid political jokes

Everyone needs a good laugh every once in a whi . . .