A Belly Full of Laughs

“This book made my mother-in-law laugh so hard she fell off the couch.”

—Saint Paul Carrom King, Amazon customer

“He really knows how to portray life as the best comedic-stage play. I can’t get enough of his jokes.”

—William Schwarz, Bethesda, Maryland

“This book made me happy. The author knows how to tickle your heart with laughter.”

—Lydia J. Alvarez, Roanoke, Virginia

More Belly Full of Laughs

“If you have a bad day, read this and you will have a deep, undisturbed sleep. It is truly a great way to relieve stress.”

—Erika R. Forester, Chicago, Illinois

“Paul Tastad is a natural comedian. He gives good laughs and entertainment from the first page to the last.”

—Lois Gardner, Boca Raton, Florida

“He nailed it. Now I can’t leave my house without cracking a joke or two to my wife and my kids. They love the book as much as I do.”

—Wallace Fox, Arlington Heights, Illinois