Don’t Read Joke Books or Jokes Online—Write Them

Want to create original joke books for adults? Tips to unlock your inner comedic genius

Joke Books

Making adults smile and laugh is no easy task. Yet the essence of comedy is lost on most, even those writing joke books for adults. Reading joke books by others or browsing online jodkes and adding your flair to it usually don’t make your material any better. That’s why it’s important to come up with original ideas and topics to write the best joke books for adults. Inspiration is also good as long as you don’t copy their content. Here are some basic steps for writing joke books for adult audiences.

Know your genre

Politics, film and other modes of entertainment, sports, self-deprecating humor, etc.—you want to write a lot of jokes on what you like to to poke fun at. That would help you find a lot of material. From taking notes of the tropes and clichés of a particular genre to listing the conventions and then coming up with ideas to infuse elements of humor, suspense, and surprise in them would help you get the ball rolling.

Use multilayered humor

People are different, so a joke may appeal to a few but may not appeal to the wider audience or vice versa. This makes it important to layer the laughs in multiple ways that would appeal to a wider audience. For example, complete absurdity to slapstick, clever wordplay, or situations involving exaggerated conflict—all these usually always bring on the laughs from most people. So mix and match to keep your audience hooked, no matter how diverse their tastes ad preferences are.

Above all, flesh out the details in your funny joke books to ensure your audience follow your comedic career.


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