Forget Dirty Jokes, Clean Jokes Are Just as Funny

Why short funny clean jokes are more appropriate than dirty jokes while being equally entertaining

Forget Dirty Jokes, Clean Jokes Are Just as Funny

When you are out having a great time with friends and family, sometimes there’s that one guy who receives most of the attention by having the jokes hurled at him. While the rest of the group is having a blast, the guy on the receiving end is not having as much fun especially when they are dirty jokes. The best jokes are clean jokes.

Clean jokes allow people to have their amusement without having to target anyone. These short funny clean jokes are inoffensive and neutral—a great way to ensure everyone included has a great time. Let’s take a look at some of these good clean jokes.


1. Why was six scared of seven?

Because seven ate nine!

2. A student who graduated recently as a civil engineer, had an interview with one of the best firms in the state. Having reached the end of the interview the human resource manager asks him “so how much starting salary do you expect?’’ The engineering student replied, “$125,000 a year depending on the benefits package.”

The interviewer with a grin on his face says, “Well, what do you think about 5 weeks of vacation, a full dental and medical, 15 paid holidays, and a company car?” The engineer sits up and says, “Wow, are you kidding?” The human resource manager replies and says, “Yeah, but you started it!”

3. Instead of John, I call my toilet Jim. That way when someone asks where I go every morning, I tell them I go to the Jim.

4. Why couldn’t the leopard play hide-and-seek?

Because he was always spotted!

5. If he has 5 bottles in one hand and 6 bottles in the other hand, what does he have?

A drinking problem!

6. Why did Adele cross the road?

To sing, “Hello from the other side!”


There are plenty more funny clean jokes that people can have fun with. All that is needed is a little inspiration and creativity.


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