How to Include Humor to Everyday Conversations

Get to Know the Anatomy of Humor

“Hey! Wanna hear a joke?”

When you hear it, you instantly give your full attention to the person talking to you. Why this automatic reaction?

The world needs humor as much as they need food, water, and air. According to studies, a good humor lengthens life, reduces stress, and helps build strong relationships. The thing is, while some people are prone to belly laughs, there are people who have a tough time finding their funny bone. But can humor be taught?

To add flavor to food, one adds spice. To be able to add spice into a routine and boring conversation, one has to add humor to it to bring out a more pleasant flavor. It doesn’t have to be a joke. It can be an ironic remark on the topic at hand or sarcastic reaction to a question. Depending upon the situation and the level of closeness of the comic to his audience, humor can be injected in almost all occasions. Believe it or not, humor is sometimes included in funerals, during national calamities, and during other unlikely situations. The fact is, the more the joke is unanticipated, the more humor it can generate.

Because not all people are born comedians, there are actual schools that teach one how to make people, even the hard-to-please ones, laugh. In those schools, students are introduced to the anatomy of humor, the ultimate guide to humor.

To pull a humor out of a joke, similar to pulling a rabbit out of a hat, one should know a joke’s fundamental ingredient. A joke can be outrageous, with always a touch of reality in it. The more people can relate, the more a joke can gain a lot of humor. Make sure, though, that you don’t get a lot of critics and haters instead of admirers. Watch your timing in giving out a punchline. As much as possible, don’t practice your jokes during highly sensitive occasions, which may even cost you your reputation. Also, your jokes should boost your confidence, not degrade it. Whatever happens, don’t ever lose your self-respect in the process.

Why do we desire to have a sense of humor? A person with a great sense of humor is always the star of the crowd, the master showman, and the healer when no other doctor can cure. It’s a skill that should not be taken for granted. The greatest comedians are much admired, after all.

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