Humor for Different Occasions

Different Humor for Different Occasions

Human beings are built differently. Over the course of anyone’s development and growth, our different experiences will shape our views. This is why people will laugh at certain things and not at others. They will find different humor in situations. There are many different forms of humor:


  • This form of humor refers to personal stories that can either be real or not. The main characteristic of anecdotes is that they are unpublished.
  • This is the type of humor that involves indecency such as using sexual situations to make jokes. It is also referred to as risqué.
  • Burlesque. This is characterized by making fun of or inflicting ridicule through caricature or imitation. An example is mocking someone or something.
  • This is where a pessimistic approach is employed to create depressing humor such as one related to death. Also known as dark or gallows.
  • This is dry humor expressed matter-of-factly, even impassively.
  • Droll. This is the type of humor that is eccentric or capricious.
  • In this form, epigrams or a clever saying is used to deliver a message. Benjamin Franklin was known to use this method of humor.
  • Comedy is created through coincidences that are highly improbable. Think of incidences that are too comical to be real.
  • A type of comedy that features exaggeration and excess characterization.
  • This type of humor features a lack of conformity to the norm where the intended message means the opposite of the literal message.
  • This is immature humor, which is also known as juvenile humor. It involves name calling and performing pranks.
  • This is the imitation of an author, genre, or another kind of artist’s endeavor.
  • Satirical. This is where certain aspects of society are made fun of.


Such different humor means that there are many different situations that they can be applied to. Whether it’s a family gathering or a weekend barbecue with friends, there is always room for different types of jokes to serve the interests of people with different senses of humor.

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